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What LEiWAND means

The moment after a downhill with your friends on your hometrails and you think: AWESOME! In Vienna we have a special word for this feeling: LEIWAND! For us there is nothing better than biking from the city center of Vienna to the local mountains to enjoy time with our friends on our hometrails. Naturally with a Kracherl, coffee, beer and Spritzwein.

What makes LEiWAND special?

We are mountain bikers from Vienna and we have this aim:

Offer fair produced European premium sportswear for trail mountainbikers from trail mountainbikers, with Viennese design and fair prices! 

For whom is LEiWAND made for?
Trail mountain bikers! Also known as All-Mountain or Enduro bikers. So everyone who cycles up his own bike and then goes down on singletracks. We see the demarcation at cross-country and downhill, as we have specialized in the product development on the requirements of trail mountain bikers.

The Team

Our team consists of passionate mountain bikers. We have deep and long working experience in the areas of functional sportswear design, graphics, management, marketing and photography. All of us live, work and bike in and around Vienna!

Lukas is the main driver behind LEiWAND and together with Felix LEiWAND the company was found and built up. Irmy is the heart of our products. With her long-standing expertise as designer for functional sportswear she is one of the most wanted designers for premium products. Babsi (graphics), Lefti (fotography) and Beni (videos) are the genius people of our marketing team. Thanks to our awesome team 😊

Partners and suppliers

It is important for us to show that LEiWAND is more than just our team. We would like to thank all our partners who are essential for the creation of our products. Especially our production partner Kirpte Sportswear from Lithuania as well as our material and fabric suppliers all around Europe. We are very happy that our partner and suppliers come 100% from Europe, more specifically from the European Union. Your LEiWAND products contain European quality materials that are produced under socially and ecologically fair conditions!

What happened until now

LEiWAND started at the beginning of 2017 with setting up the brand concept by Lukas and Felix as the founders. Then Irmy came into the team as the designer and in June 2017 we received our first prototypes. The product development for our first product line (Short Anninger, Shirt Kahlenberg and Longsleeve Leopoldsberg) was finished in November 2017.

From November on we prepared our Kickstarter campaign, that was launched with a great Kick-Off Event at the 30. November 2017 in the great Icelandic Home-Café in Vienna. At the sixth day of the campaign we reached our funding goal! Thanks to all our supporters! The campaign ended at the 30. December 2017 and the production of our products started immediately in 2018. From March 2018 on our online shop started and in 2019 we expanded our sortiment with women sportswear as well as tops with the natural fibre TENCEL! 

Future of LEiWAND

We have clear plans for LEiWAND - European Trail Wear. Our products continue to be developed for trail mountain bikers and for different weather conditions when biking on the trails. We follow high standards to offer premium products from the combination of functionality, quality materials and a beautiful design language. Here we will also test innovative materials, such as blends of polyester and wood fibers. We will continue to manufacture our products 100% in Europe and offer them exclusively through direct sales. In this way we offer you European products, with fair social and ecological conditions, at reasonable prices and a top price / performance ratio.